Pentaimpex (BG) Ltd.

PENTAIMPEX (BG) Ltd. is private and non-bind company. Since its establishment in 1999 our company gradually expands its attendance in the Bulgarian market - mostly import, selling and distribution into and purchasing, export from Bulgaria of chemical and allied products and industrial materials. Our supplementary activities and interests are transactions with products and services, and participation on the Stock Exchange Markets. PENTAIMPEX(BG)Ltd. aims with small but professional team, proper and with high security and quality of supplies, to keep and affirm the confidence of our partners and clients. Learn more

Products and services

Pentaimpex (BG) Ltd. offers over 150 different kinds of chemical products with guaranteed quality and origin. Our product range includes organic and inorganic chemical products and chemicals, widely used in textile, lacquer-painting and food industries, fertilizers and feed additives for agriculture, as well as polymer and plastic products for construction. The commercial activity of our company is focused primarily on wholesale supplies and in particular cases small-volume orders are being processed. Learn more


Major Products List

Below you will find a list with our major and most traded products:



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